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Because the world is absurd, and beautiful

and small.

26 December 1986
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I'm 22 years old and just relocated from Northern California to Northern New York. As you can imagine, this has been a shock to the system. I'm married to an amazing man that happens to be stationed here in New York (Hoooooaahh).

I enjoy knitting and the cheese of the month club. I smoke. I drink, although not to excess. I miss my family and my cat. I don't mind washing dishes. I make a mean tater-tot casserole. I like to do crafty things. I write music and used to be heavily involved with a music camp out of Chico, CA. I take most things for granted. I don't like conflict, but I don't take shit. I know when to shut up, but generally opt for continuing to make an ass of myself. I can be funny, if you give me the chance. I like new friends. I'm bad at keeping in touch. I don't dance. I drink too much coffee on every occasion I can. Sleep is my super power. When people have broken my heart in the past, I've made sure to return the favor. I like getting older. I love being married. I'm going to have big headed half mexican babies someday, with green eyes like their daddy. I talk too much. I met my biological father for the first time this year. I hate your music taste. I'm a capricorn. I love your mom.

indeed, good sir.